Twinning: Review of Episode 4

In Episode 4 of Twinning, the animosity between twins Ji and Le and Kamila and Kristina reached the boiling point while Tre and Torian pulled a stunt that jeopardized their status in the competition.

Everyone is shocked when Annamarie and Ginamarie return to their respective houses, having won two consecutive twin-offs. The Maries are like the Energizer Bunny, they keep going and going and going.

The episode examined how twins feel when separated from each other as well as the protectiveness they have for their twin.

When Torian decides he wants to spend some quality time with Shawn, he and Tre resort to a classic twin maneuver: the switcheroo. The show heads find out about the ruse. As a consequence for their action, Tre and Torian are forced to change houses. Basically, they have to start over loosing any allies they may have made.

Fortunately for them, Torian and Tre are one of the top three sets to win the double down challenge, saving them from possibly being voted for the twin-off.  In a surprising announcement, Dylan and Taylor state that they want to be voted for the twin-off. Ji and Le, who want “the negative energy out of the houses”, vote for Kamila and Kristina for the twin-off.

In the twin-off, it’s Dylan and Taylor vs. Kamila and Kristina.

However, the twin-off never takes place as a fight erupts between Le and Kristina and Kamila!

To be continued…


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