Significant Mother takes a new spin on the relationship comedy

Significant Mother is a hilarious new comedy on The CW starring Josh Zuckerman.

Zuckerman plays Nate Marlowe, a Portland restaurateur who returns home from a business trip to discover his best friend Jimmy (Nathaniel Buzloic) and his mother Lydia (Krista Allen) are involved.

You can imagine the awkwardness of this situation, a scenario ripe with comic opportunities. Zuckerman plays Nate with such a sensitive, almost boy-like quality that the audience can almost hear him saying ‘Mommy, I don’t understand’. This would probably be a turn off in the hands of a less appealing actor.

Lydia is a character that could be the stereotypical cougar, seducing a younger man, a television ‘Mrs. Robinson’. However, portrayer Krista Allen, proves to the viewer that she has true feelings for Jimmy.

Nathaniel Buzloic is extremely likeable as Jimmy. Rounding out this family affair (no pun intended) is Jonathan Silverman as Lydia’s estranged husband, Harrison. Silverman is a comic gem, perfectly cast. He even looks like he can be Josh Zuckerman’s father.

If you’re looking for Monday night laughs, why not give Significant Mother a try.

Significant Mother airs Mondays at 9:3o/8:30c pm on The CW.

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