Ship Wars: The Fosters

Last night’s episode of The Fosters ended with a lot of drama! There’s only one episode left until the summer finale and it seems like everything is happening all at once. While we all form theories as to what will happen in “Idyllwild” next week, I want to know who your favorite couple is on the show.

Do you pick Lena and Monte? They are constantly flirting and have great chemistry between each other. While Monte is pushing Lena towards divorce, it will be interesting to see if that is really what Lena wants or if she is blinded by lust. The promo for episode nine shows Stef confronting Lena, so we may get this answer sooner than later.


Do you pick Jonnor? Jude and Connor have been fan favorites since Connor wore nail polish to support Jude. Even though their relationship has come with its ups and downs, their feelings for each other have remained strong throughout.


Do you pick Brallie? The promo for episode nine showed Callie and Brandon hooking up. Could they be giving their relationship another chance since the adoption might not happen? The scene seemed a bit blurry in the preview, so it might just be a dream, but fingers crossed!

Vote for you favorites below and tune in to The Fosters Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC Family.


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