Review: Finger Eleven "Five Crooked Lines"

Finger Eleven released their new album “Five Crooked Lines” on July 31st, which is their first new album in 5 years. The last few years have left us rock fans hungry for more of Finger Eleven’s spine-tingling sound, and they did not disappoint us. “Five Crooked Lines” definitely has it’s weak points, but then there are songs like “Gods Of Speed” and “Criminal” that hold the album together as an exciting new chapter for Finger Eleven.

Track 1: Gods Of Speed

The album starts off with a song right from the fiery depths of Rock N Roll. The passionate vocals on this track are the driving force behind what is easily one of the top 3 tracks of this entire album. The energy level is cranked up to 10 for the complete duration of this song, and the music brings you as close to head banging music as possible without crossing the line into heavy metal.

Track 2: Criminal

Rockstars can sometimes appear as people who live in an entirely different universe as us, but this song helps to remind the fans that they’re really just regular people like us. The lyrics tell a story where the lead singer has become obsessed with a woman who isn’t interested in him at all. The relatable lyrics along with the catchy guitar riffs combine to form a very good track that is guaranteed to stick in your mind for hours after listening to it.

Track 4: Wolves And Doors

I have a love-hate relationship with this song. I love the music and rhythm to the track, but the confusing lyrics are a bit off-putting. I have no idea what the lyrics “save your soul for another day, cause the game’s the game and the wolves at the door remain” mean, and this is only one example of the confusing maze of lyrics in this song. However if you can look past the lyrics, then the energetic beat will keep your ears satisfied.

Track 7: Five Crooked Lines

The title track on an album is generally responsible for setting the quality and style of the entire album. “Five Crooked Lines” does this job really well by being a catchy song filled with simple lyrics, perfectly timed instrumentals, and the upbeat tempo that Finger Eleven is known for. Even if this is your first time listening to the song, you’ll find yourself singing along to the chorus at the top of your lungs on the third time it comes around.

Track 10: Lost For Words

This is unfortunately where the album starts to take a turn for the worst. “Lost For Words” is a perfect example of a song that mismatches the lyrics to the music. The lyrics are a soft and slower tempo, while the music is a little to fast paced for it, and there this high-pitched guitar picking that distracts the listener during the chorus. It’s almost like they’re trying to infuse Irish folk music into a rock ballad, and it just comes off as sounding awkward and misplaced in the album.

Overall, this album doesn’t quite meet the level of “Them Vs. You Vs. Me”, and is not on the fast track to win any awards, but is guaranteed to entertain you for a couple of hours.

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