Poldark season finale review

There were several life changing events for the characters on Poldark in the season one finale.  Some good, but unfortunately the majority of them bad.

After months of using Demelza as their go-between with Mrs. Ross Poldark passing letters for them, Verity and Captain Blamey marry, much to Francis’ chagrin.  He wrongly believes that Ross was helping them and views this as an ultimate betrayal by his cousin.

Speaking of betrayals, Mark Daniels discovers his wife’s infidelity with Dr. Enys and in a fit of rage, accidentally kills her by breaking her neck. Although Demelza’s sympathetic about Karen’s death, she supports her husband in his decision to help Mark run away to avoid prosecution, which would most definitely result in his conviction and hanging.

Demelza calls on Francis to explain that it was she, not Ross, who was helping Verity and Captain Blamey. A lot of good that does, Francis stills blames Ross for marrying her ‘an ignorant, low-class servant’. Things go from bad to worst for Demelza. When she explains to Ross what she did, he’s furious, putting his trust and their love in jeopardy.

When the residence of Trenwith are taken gravely ill due to the putrid throat epidemic that spreads throughout Cornwall, Demelza plays nursemaid and nurses Francis, Elizabeth and their son, Geoffrey Charles back to health. However, she contracts the disease and infects her infant daughter Julia.

The emotional scenes of the finale occur when Julia succumbs to the disease while Demelza lingers in a coma. Elizabeth visits and offers her sympathy and gratitude since Demelza saved her son. Eventually, Demelza wakes up but learns her daughter didn’t survive.

As if the tragic loss of his daughter isn’t enough, Ross faces the ruin of his business when the Warleggans call in the loans of his financial backers. In desperation, he and other villagers loot a shipwrecked boat.

In the final scene of the finale, Ross has to answer for his actions when magistrates come to arrest him.

Fortunately for viewers, this epic series will continue for a second season so Ross’ fate will be revealed.

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