Misha Collins brought a little slice of Heaven to the CW’s Supernatural

When Castiel raised Dean Winchester from perdition in Lazarus Rising, Supernatural fans quickly became enamored by actor Misha Collins’ portrayal. Having an angel as an ally proved invaluable to the Winchesters in their never ending battle against evil. Of course, things were hairy for the heroic hunters when the angel devoured souls from Purgatory and appointed himself the new God. Or, when Castiel’s mental state was jeopardized.

Castiel has exploded, lost his angelic grace and formed a liaison with Crowley, the King of Hell. Collins skillfully portrayed all of these layers.

With his wicked sense of humor, Misha Collins is also a hit at Supernatural fan conventions. In addition to his acting acumen, Collins possesses a charitable spirit with his Random Acts and gishwhes.

Today, August 20, is Misha Collins birthday. Supernatural fans all over the world send best wishes to our favorite “Angel of Thursday.”

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