LVL UP: Playing It Low-Key


On Tuesday, August 4, teens and adults alike filled the audience at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona. LVL UP came on stage and played their half-hour set. It was difficult to hear the lyrics, as is common with smaller live venues, but I noticed a couple of things that seemed odd …

Two of the band members spent a considerable amount of time playing with their backs to the audience. Were they performing to the amps? It was nothing I’d ever seen at a concert before. I mean, I’ve seen players turn around for a little bit, but this seemed excessive. (Audience is the other way, guys.) The other oddity was the third guitar player, who sat down quite frequently. Now, I wasn’t in the under-21 area, so I couldn’t exactly see what he was doing–maybe he was showing the teens his technique–but sitting down? Normally I expect more life from a live performance.

Don’t get me wrong: aside from the slightly weak vocals (again, common in my experience), the music was great. The bass and drums thrummed through the wooden bleacher-style seating back in the 21-and-up area, vibrating the whole room. The energy was there in the music, but the musicians could stand to put out a little more visible energy to their performance.

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