Kevin From Work spotlight on Ricky

On the surface, Ricky is a gossipy employee with his nose in everyone’s business but in the Kevin From Work episode titled “All About Work From Work”, we discover that Ricky is covering up his insecurities.

For some, confidence comes as easy as breathing while others struggle and over compensate. Ricky belongs to the later.

As the younger brother to a controlling twin sister, Ricky found it difficult standing up to Liz. This might explain why he is so interested in his co-workers’ lives. Is Ricky trying to reinvent himself into someone else?

With Kevin’s help, Ricky finally found the courage to have a long overdue conversation with his twin.

Jason Rogel and Ellen Williams beautifully portrayed Ricky and Liz. Each sibling presented a reasonable explanation for their actions and personality shortcomings. Ricky finally realized bossy Liz was only looking out for him as she had their entire lives.

It will be interesting to see what impact Liz’s appearance will have on Ricky in future episodes.

Kevin From Work airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c pm on ABC Family.




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