Kevin From Work: Review of Pilot

Kevin From Work’s pilot episode brilliantly set up the premise of the show and introduced viewers to a great cast of characters.

Kevin (Noah Reid) is a guy everyone can relate to. He has a job he hates but a co-worker he loves (Audrey). A cool friend to share his feelings with (Brian). A quirky, irresponsible little sister (Roxie). A gossipy other co-worker (Ricky). And let’s not forget the stalker roommate Audrey’s (Patti).

Each character provided an ingredient in the recipe for a hit comedy. Actors Reid, Paige Spara, Jordan Hinson, Matt Murray, Jason Rogel and Punam Patel delivered their lines with comic genius.

If the pilot episode was any indication, Kevin From Work is one office viewers shouldn’t quit coming to.

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