Kevin From Work: Review of Episode 2 "Gossip From Work"

Episode 2 of Kevin From Work titled “Gossip From Work” was an enjoyable outing for the newbie series and featured some great moments for the characters.

Now that his dream job has fallen through, Kevin’s forced to continue working alongside Audrey. Audrey knows Kevin has feelings for her, due to the letter he sent her. Plus, his body wasn’t even out of the building and co-worker Ricky already staked his claim on his furniture.

However, the best moments in this episode happened outside the office between characters Roxie and Patti. The little sister and the stalker (sounds like the name of some weird band) shared a funny, girlmance. All I can say about Jordan Hinson and Putnam Patel’s chemistry is WOW. I hope these two will continue to have scenes together.

Ricky got his comeuppance thanks to Kevin and Audrey. Payback’s a bitch.

The laughs kept coming, making the wait until the next new episode unbearable.


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