Introducing Deep House Artists: Wolf & Riva

11902495_1625068271097434_564582621810519468_nBen “Wolf” Rothenberg (son of Jason Rothenberg, creator of The CW’s post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi show, The 100) and Marcos “Riva,” both from Southern California, are the talented young artists known as Wolf & Riva.

They are two hard-working teens with a dream of professionally mixing and producing their own music some day. After the release of their first remix – an impressive cover of Calvin Harris and John Newman’s Blame – they are definitely well on their way!

Below is an exclusive interview with this up and coming duo.

How did the two of you get started mixing sounds together? 

“We’ve been DJing together for three years. We started off simply mixing music and found that we had really great artistic chemistry so we started DJing and mixing at the same time. Then we decided to try out production together.”

What’s your process? How do you make it work?

“Well, for remixes, Marcos and I [Ben] choose a song that we think has potential to mold to our sound. We then start playing around with different melodies and synths until we find something that clicks with both of us. It just builds from there.”

How do you like to describe your sound? 

“Heavy Deep House with a youthful aspect to it.”

Have you heard from the original artist regarding your remix?

“The day we hear from Calvin Harris will be one of the craziest days of our lives!”

Is there anything new that you’re working on right now?

“We are currently working on two remixes and an original track, but we don’t want to spoil anything major. One of our remixes will be quite the throwback. Hopefully it will be released within the next few weeks.”

How often are you hoping to upload something new?

“Every few weeks would be ideal. Sometimes we may be in a flow and post two in one week. Other times we may be very picky with a particular part in a track and not post for a month.  There isn’t a set deadline at the moment for us to post our music.”

What goals do you have for the future of your music?

“The ultimate goal is to get recognized by some sort of music label while still staying true to our original sound.”

Do you plan to continue as a team? And do you have any plans for further education in sound mixing?

“We do plan on continuing as a duo. And we are always looking for opportunities to improve our mixing as well as our producing.” 

Are you going to stick to mixing and producing or do either of you sing, play, etc?

“Honestly, we couldn’t tell you. We are definitely open to trying new things, though, musically speaking.”

Where can your work be found and how can you be contacted?

“We’re Wolf & Riva on soundcloud and we can be found on Instagram at @ben_wolf and @_wildoc_. Our e-mail is And keep an eye out for our Facebook and Twitter which are both coming soon.”


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