Interview with Cast of ‘We Are Disorderly’

11825202_426025297602476_7268230886159964292_nWe Are Disorderly is the latest web series to hit YouTube earlier this month from By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a film and television production company based in Toronto. Co-owners and founders, Al Mukadam, Mazin Elsadig, and Jonathan Malen are also the handsome faces viewers have the pleasure of seeing in the six episode comedic series. Directed by Samir Rehem, the series follows the lives of three best friends and their not so conventional friendship. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry from laughing, and make you wonder where you can find friends like them for yourself. Check out what the guys had to say during their recent interview with us!

How did each of you get involved with the series?

“We got involved with the series because we wanted to write a project about us and for us. As working actors, it’s easy to become complacent and wait for the phone to ring. We had also been working together, producing and writing for several years prior to this show. We would spend a lot of time coming up with different ideas for different people, so it felt like it was time to put ourselves into a project. In our writer’s room, what makes us laugh the most is making fun of each other. We can be pretty self deprecating and blunt, which is a great foundation for a solid friendship. Over the course of the last year or so we began to develop ideas and characters, which ultimately turned into a show about our lives. Most of the episodes are lifted from real life experiences. The insecurities and desires our characters have are also completely true.”

Have you worked on a web series before?

“This is our first time working on a web series. It turned out to be an amazing thing for us because it allowed total creative freedom. We got to work with the people who we wanted to work with. We surrounded ourselves with talented people who brought fresh ideas and different perspectives to the table. But, we just didn’t want it to be another show about 3 guys doing stupid shit and smoking dope. We knew we wanted it to be grounded and as close to our reality as possible. The whole process was a learning curve for us and having a solid team in place saved us from doing something we would ultimately be disappointed with.”

Other web series have been known for shooting the series quickly in a few days time. What was the filming experience like for you guys?

“We shot over a week. 6 days total. We were lucky to have a schedule that allowed us to take enough time with each episode. The writing process had started 6 months earlier. It was fun but to be honest, tedious at times to figure out the tone of the show. There were many drafts of each episode. It takes time to figure these things out though especially since the three of us are so different. In the end, the amount of time spent on the scripts made the show what it was.”

Which are each of your favorite episodes?

“Hard to say, how do you pick a favourite child? Although I think most parents secretly have a favourite child…”

Did you each have a lot of involvement with the direction/writing of the episodes?

All of the episodes were written by the three of us. We each write all of our characters’ dialogue for the most part. We’ll take turns writing action cues or episode outlines depending on who is the least distracted by YouTube or Instagram. Our good buddy Jeff Biederman who is a seasoned vet, writing for other shows, helped with story editing. He came on about a month before we went to camera to help condense some of our ideas. Originally, some of the scripts were 14 pages. It was difficult for us to figure out a way to say what we wanted to say in a shorter amount of time. Jeff came in and basically made us all feel like idiots – the way he was able to simplify everything. It was an incredible learning experience for all of us. Those 14 page scripts were ultimately cut in half and is what you see on your laptop screen. 

Samir Rehem, the director of the show came in and started asking questions we had never thought of before. He really brought a whole new element to the show. The look and tone. As soon as we started working together we clicked and were on the same page. From day one it was all about how grounded we could make this. Even if the idea is over the top, it could still be grounded. Everybody in real life is pretty over the top, or maybe we just are or it’s just our perspective on other people. Either way, it was an amazing collaboration working with Samir. He kicked out butts and didn’t let us settle on anything. He even made Al cry a few times on set which was pretty hilarious.”

Any hopes for a second season?
“Trying to make it happen! We’d love to get back to work and tell more stories about our pathetic lives.”

Any upcoming projects for you guys?

“Nothing on the horizon. We might start up a side business to make some extra cash… selling drugs and pimping hookers like Jon Voight in Ray Donovan. Or maybe just ask our parents for rent money. That might be a better idea.”

The chemistry between Al, Mazin, and Jonathan is undeniable and leaves you wanting more each episode! Also seen on the series are guest stars Ashley Leggat, Cristine Prosperi, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Sergio Di Zio, and Wendy Crewson. You can watch all six episodes posted above now or on their YouTube channel and follow them on Twitter @WeAreDisorderly for news and updates!

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