Exclusive Interview with Joshua Rush

unnamedYou might recognize him as Little Sylar from Tim Kring’s Heroes or from a handful of feature films. At the age of thirteen, Joshua Rush already has quite the resume and it’s only continuing to grow. The seventh grader is about to skip eighth and head into high school and I had the pleasure of speaking with the actor on his latest projects and what he loves most about acting.

What was it like getting to work alongside Jeremy Sisto and David Walton in your film Break Point?

“Jeremy and David are hilarious and such gracious actors. J.K. Simmons was also in the film and he is just amazing. It was an honor to get to work with them.”

Your character Barry is a student of David in the film. How does your character fit in with the two brothers?

“Yes, my character plays one of David’s students and he sort of becomes the catalyst that brings David and Jeremy’s characters together to take on this tennis tournament. He’s there on the sidelines and really just pushing them. He’s a catalyst.”

I’ve heard you’ve been dubbed the ‘Film Festival Kid’ after all your appearances at notable film fests. What’s it like getting to experience that?

“Oh, it’s amazing. I got to go to a bunch of fests. My favorite was the Tribeca Film Festival. It is just amazing. I loved going to Tribeca, I mean it’s New York and who doesn’t love New York?”

I can’t imagine what that was like. Did you get a little star struck?

“I did! [laughs] I was just in awe of everyone there. It doesn’t take much for me to get star struck.”

I saw that earlier this year you’ve been involved in some great philanthropic ventures like #FacesBehindHunger, can you tell me a little bit more about that?

“I started working the charity and brought it to my school actually. We’ve done food drives and stuff like that for our local community. It’s been really great.”

I know you’ve voiced a few characters for shows as well. What’s it like doing that versus acting on screen?

“Yeah that’s a lot of fun. It’s definitely different. Instead of being on screen, I’m in a booth reading my lines and we’ll do a lot more takes of it over and over again. When I’m filming a movie or a show it’s a lot different.”

Oh wow, that’s insane! Are you normally just speaking your script or do you have a visual of the animation on screen?

“No, 90% of time it’s just me reading my lines.”

I can’t imagine doing that, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have a favorite between voice acting or screen acting?

“Oh wow! That’s like asking me to pick which of my children I love the most! [laughs] They’re all great. Each one is so different, it’s impossible to pick. I love it all.”

At a young age you already have an amazing resume, how did you get into acting?

“Thank you! My mom actually got me into acting. From a very young age my mom realized how comfortable I was being in front of a camera. I was almost one when I was on screen for the first time. After that I did some advertisements and just continued to do acting classes, theater classes, voice classes and here I am!”

When you’re not acting what are some of your favorite things to do?

“Hm, I really love Apple products and technology. So I’m usually playing around with that stuff.”

Do you have anything coming up we can share with your fans?

“I have a super secret project coming up that I hope I can share with my fans soon! So stay tuned for that!”


You can catch Joshua’s film Break Point available on iTunes and for other updates on the young actor you can check out his website www.joshuarush.com and follow him on Twitter @JoshuaRush!


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