Has Beauty and the Beast’s Vincent met his match in Liam?

Since becoming a beast, Vincent Keller has encountered other super-charged humans with beast abilities to rival his own. But, in the Beauty and the Beast  episode titled “Patient X”, the new beast in town Liam proved to be a tough foe.

Liam was targeting anyone with Julianna’s beast serum in their blood, which put best friend J.T. on his hit list. As there was no way Vincent would allow anything to happen to his friend, he and Catherine raced against the clock, determined to end Liam’s reign of terror.

Throughout the series run, it has become clear that Vincent is a flawed hero. He’s a Dr. Jekyll fighting to keep his beastie Hyde from crossing the line. There have been times where Vincent has almost allowed his dark side to take over and become a murderer himself. If not for his love of Catherine, he would have crossed the point of no return.

Liam, on the other hand, has no problem with letting his Mr. Hyde come out and play. In a short time, he has racked up quite the body count.

The question is, how does Vincent fight a beast that appears stronger than he is without becoming the killer that he has tried so hard to avoid?


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