Former Dallas Star Linda Gray Guests on Significant Mother

Dallas fans know that JR Ewing drove his long-suffering wife Sue Ellen to drink. But has she finally left Texas for Portland?

Not exactly, but actress Linda Gray will guest star on The CW comedy Significant Mother.

Gray appears as Gammy, Lydia’s mother. How will Gammy feel about her daughter’s relationship with the much younger Jimmy? You can bet mother and daughter will not be going shopping for wedding dresses or discussing china patterns.

It will be interesting to see the hijinks that will ensue as Lydia will obviously try to hide her relationship from her mother.

Linda Gray who played Sue Ellen Ewing in the original Dallas and the 2012 remake that aired on TNT, is no stranger to portraying difficult mothers having had earlier roles on 90210 and Melrose Place. She also has an uncoming part in the online series, Winterthorne

With the smart, snappy writing of creators Richard Keith and Erin Cardillo, it’s guaranteed that Linda Gray’s time on Significant Mother will be memorable for viewers.

Significant Mother airs Mondays at 9:30/8:30c on The CW.

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