Could Kevin From Work become the next Friends?

The new ABC Family comedy Kevin From Work has been compared to How I Met Your Mother by some.

Both were created by writing genius Barbie Adler. The lead character in Kevin From Work shares a similar storyline to Ted Mosby, the lead character on How I Met Your Mother. They are both seeking an unattainable love.

But could Kevin From Work achieve a following of another great comedy, Friends?  If early episodes are any indication, the answer is a resounding yes.

Like Friends, the characters on Kevin From Work are funny, likable people. They have a quirkiness about them that stirs viewer interest and buzz. On Twitter and Facebook, people have begun writing about the show and their favorite characters. I recently heard a conversation in which someone said they had to get an outfit like Kevin From Work’s Patti (Punam Patel). Remember how everyone wanted Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) haircut?

I want Ricky to develop an interest in singing and write a song about a happy dog to rival Phoebe’s ‘Smelly Cat’.

Here’s hoping that Kevin From Work can keep up this positive viewer support, so fans will be ‘friends’ forever with Kevin From Work.


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