Can Skyler and Spencer’s twin bond help them win Twinning?

Skyler and Spencer are just the cutest thing in the world of twindom.

Twins are close, with a bond that links them tighter than the most secure chains.

But Skyler and Spencer’s bond seems to be something even more profound. Sometimes, these guys almost appear to be one person.

Case in point, even separated by the blue and green houses, they still manage to wear the same outfit. EVERY DAY.

It’s surprising that they haven’t won more challenges with their gift of twin mind merge. Or in Twinning speak, twinstinct.

In Episode 6 of Twinning titled “Twinipulation”, Skyler and Spencer were heart-broken when they found themselves in the twin-off against their closest friends in competition, Adam and Cory.

In the end, Skyler and Spencer pulled off a feat that no one in the twin-off has ever done.  They answered the required five out of five questions correctly consecutively.  Adam and Cory and their well planned strategy were sent packing.

It will be interesting to see whether Skyler and Spencer will be the final twins standing.

Twinning  airs Wednesdays at 10:00/9:00PMc on VH1.

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