Can Sam Winchester’s demon blood help him fight The Darkness on Supernatural?

Last month, while on the set of Supernatural filming Season 11, Jared Padalecki tweeted a thought provoking question:  Does Sam still have demon blood in him? Padalecki said that he had his own theory, but didn’t share it (Hey…thanks Jared for the tease!).

Immediately Supernatural fans were abuzz on Twitter with their own thoughts on this question. A fun and intense debate ensued with fans pointing to various episodes to buttress their argument as to why they believed the younger Winchester had or didn’t have remnants of demon blood coursing through his heroic veins.

Remember in the Season 5 premiere Sympathy for The Devil when the boys were removed from that convent in Maryland (as Lucifer was rising from his cage) and placed on that airplane? Dean queried his brother wondering whether Sam was still hungry for demon blood. Sam seemed optimistic that his craving was gone, like he had experienced some kind of “Supernatural methadone.”

Yet, in the next episode Good God Y’all, Sam’s hunger for demon blood was in full force as the brothers found themselves in a town of demons (except there weren’t any demons). The town had been subjected to hallucinations that demons were everywhere courtesy of the evil machinations of War, one of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Sam’s urges for demon blood were so strong that he and his brother parted ways for a short time as Sam confessed that “he was in no condition to be hunting.” With the arrival of another Horseman, Famine, Sam fought and lost his craving for demon blood and was confined to the panic room to detox.

Flash forward to Season 8 and the trials to close the Gates of Hell: Sam was convinced that the trials purified him. But did they really?

Personally, I belong to the camp hoping that Sam still has demon blood inside him.

When the Levee Breaks is my all-time favorite Supernatural episode and I feel provided Padalecki with his most challenging material.

If Sam Winchester still has demon blood inside of him, I hope that it is enough to help him fight The Darkness.

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