Book Review: Can’t Fight Fate by Lisa N. Edwards

“Remember, he’s nice to look at, nice to see, but if you chase him, he will flee.”

These words formulate the exciting, mysterious and romantic undercurrents in author Lisa N. Edwards’ riveting book Can’t Fight FateCan’t Fight Fate follows the journey of Nikki Kirkpatrick, a Hollywood entertainment lawyer. We first meet Nikki 17 years earlier when she visits a psychic who makes a prediction about Nikki’s romantic destiny. According to the psychic, the young woman may search for her romantic soul mate, but she won’t find him because this meeting rests in Fate’s hands. Further, she tells Nikki that her Prince Charming will have the greenest of eyes and that she will recognize him by his eyes.

Flash forward to a 38 year old Nikki who has yet to cross paths with her soul mate. Or, does she?

Can’t Fight Fate suggests that Fate is the architect of our life journey purposefully sketching a blueprint to serve as the foundation of who we are and those people who come into and influence our lives.

Edwards is a powerful writer. Yet, there’s a comfortable familiarity with her words. Nikki’s story is told in the first person. The narrative speaks as if it were a silent voyeur directly linked to your soul. Her words, are so thought-provoking, she gives reader pause.

Nikki is written beautifully. She is a protagonist capable of connecting with the reader. She is intelligent, caring, sensitive, yet vulnerable and insecure at times. We want to root for her because in some ways, she is a reflection of us. Nikki is initially doubtful of the psychic’s words which makes her like many people who believe that they are the masters of their universe. Nikki’s friend Siobhan can be brusque, but underneath her tough exterior, lurks a vulnerable woman seeking reassurance.

Edwards divides the book into such chapter titles as The Psychic, Life is like a Cactus, Black Magic, Psychic Vampires, Cloud Nine and Anti-Social Media. These chapter titles are a creative gem to guide and challenge the reader to embark, with eyes wide open, along the path of Nikki’s story.

Finally, there’s a great ending with a hint of foreshadowing to come as Edwards promises a sequel.

Wonderful news for readers of this inspirational book.

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