Book Review: Big Mo by Megan Padalecki

Big Mo is a delightful children’s book with a timeless yet important message: our planet is a beautiful thing that we must safeguard against over-consumption if we are to pass on such splendor to future generations.

Architect turned author Megan Padalecki provides readers with a visually appealing treasure. Her main character, Big Mo is a pet iguana whose insatiable appetite threatens his home. Consequently, Big Mo begins a journey searching for more food, a journey that places the natural landscape in peril.

Padalecki has crafted a fascinating tale that is admirably accentuated by her exquisite illustrations. Parents will be afforded a wonderful bonding experience with their young children. As they witness Big Mo’s story unfold, parents can teach their youngsters the importance of protecting natural resources. This is a worthwhile lesson that transcends age, a lesson that we can all learn.

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