Amy Gumenick is an actress to watch

Amy Gumenick is a versatile young actress already boasting an impressive film and TV resume. Even if her name isn’t as recognizable, she has enjoyed memorable roles in short films and on the small screen.

Gumenick has appeared in guest roles on such popular shows as Bones, CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. She played ill-fated Natalee Holloway in a movie about the  circumstances surrounding the young woman’s death in Aruba. Supernatural fans know Gumenick as Young Mary Winchester, the hunter mother of Sam and Dean. In addition, Gumenick is the dynamic and strong-willed Cupid on Arrow and has a recurring role as Philomena on AMC’s period drama Turn.

The actress’ latest project is The Binding, an upcoming horror film.

With so many different acting challenges, it is clear that Amy Gumenick is an actress to watch.

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