Why watch VH1’s Twinning?

Twinning, a new reality show on VH1 premiered on July 22 and has been called ‘a competition show like no other’.  The show pits twelve sets of identical twins against each other and has them perform challenges to test to see how well they know their twin.  In a television landscape of many reality shows, why watch Twinning?

Fascination with twins has existed for a long time.  There has been countless movies, television series and books about twins.  When people see twins on the street, they can’t help but stop, admire and ask numerous questions.  The interest in twins is definitely there.

Not fictionalized, Twinning shows real sets of twins, and viewers get to see these unique siblings in action.

Why watch Twinning? The answer is simple, the public loves twins.  Plus, unless you are a twin, are parents of twins or have friends who are twins, where can you spend ten weeks glimpsing into the world of twins.

Twinning airs Wednesdays at 10:00PM on VH1.


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