Vik Rubenfeld: suspense guru teaches online webinar on plot, suspense and story breaking

Vik Rubenfeld, Creator of the television show Early Edition and author of  Conquest, will be teaching five one-hour live webinars each Sunday beginning on July 19th.

These webinars will offer invaluable instruction and insights for writers seeking to learn about the fundamentals of plot, how to break individual scenes within your plot to move your story forward, and how to create suspense for the reader or viewer.

Participants will receive homework assignments following each session, personalized emails and notes from Vik Rubenfeld to enable them to hone the skills they developed from each session.

These webinars give a unique and memorable opportunity for writers to learn from someone well-versed in television and fiction writing.

For more information about Vik Rubenfeld’s webinars, visit his website:

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