Twinning: Review of Premiere Episode

VH1’s new reality show Twinning premiered July 22.  The show pits twelve sets of identical twins against each other in challenges that test their twintution.

In the premiere, we met the dynamic duos and learned that the twins will be required to live separately in identical blue and green houses. They will have absolutely no contact with each other.

For twins, this can be a torturous arrangement. Just ask Skyler and Spencer! These brothers have never been apart for more than twelve hours! They even dress alike. There’s something charming about these guys, whose affection for each other is obvious to viewers. Unfortunately for Skyler and Spencer this doesn’t bode well for them against their fellow cast members.

The same can be said for Russo Twins, Annamarie and Ginamarie who are dubbed annoying.  It’s clear there will be tension in the houses as the weeks of competition progresses.

As if performing the challenges to test their twintution wasn’t stressful enough! The two sets of twins who received the highest number of votes from their fellow contestants must battle in the ‘twin-off’.

They are asked a series of questions and while separated by a partition they have to come up with the same answers. The twins with the lowest score are sent packing.

Skyler and Spencer face off against twins Meme and Key and prove victorious.

Overall, this premiere episode was highly enjoyable. As far as reality competition shows go, what makes Twinning stand out is there has always been a fascination with seeing two identical people.

Adding to that fascination is seeing the similarities between these siblings. Are twins connected mentally as well? Hopefully Twinning will answer that question! In the meantime it promises to be a fun ride.

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