Twinning: Review of Episode 2

In the Premiere Episode of Twinning, viewers were introduced to the twins competing for a grand prize of $222,222,22.

In Episode two, things begin to heat up as one set of twins has a plan on how to win, while another incurs the wrath of their competitors and ultimately faces possible elimination in the twin-off.

Twins Torian and Tre are the top challenge scorers.  The victory is extra sweet for the brothers as they will be able to spend their birthday together! They can roam between the blue and green houses. Additionally, they get the deciding vote in the event of a tie (foreshadowing much?)

Meanwhile, Adam and Cory have a game plan: make friends with their competition and keep their enemies close.  The Maries, Annamarie and Ginamarie are criticized by Josh and Chris for ‘talking about how rich they are’, which they deny.

The top four challenge scorers vote for the two sets of twins that will face-off in the twin-off. You guessed it! There’s a tie, and Torian and Tre have the deciding vote.

In the twin-off: It’s Annamarie and Ginamarie vs. Chris and Josh. The brothers are a little cocky about how they are going to win and send the Maries packing. Initially, it looks like they will be proven right as they score the first two points out of five. In the end, Annamarie and Ginamarie prove their twintution is stronger! They are the victors.

Will Adam and Cory’s strategy work?

Will Annamarie and Ginamarie make new enemies?

Tune in Wednesday at 10:00 to Twinning on VH1 to find out.


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