TNT’s Newest Drama ‘Public Morals’

One of TNT’s newest dramas will take audiences to the crime-infested street of 1960s New York, as they follow officers of the Public Morals Division straddle the lines between morality and criminality.

When a war between two factions of the Irish Mob break out in Hell’s Kitchen, Terry Muldoon faces the dilemma of possibly leaving the city for got after his wife insists they leave. The city is overrun with various kinds of sin and vice with only the Public Morals Division enforcing the law, as they’ve done so for the last hundred years.

Edward Burns (Saving Private Ryan, Mob City) not only stars as the lead role Terry Muldoon, but Burns also writes, directs and executive produces the show as well. The series is also produced in collaboration with Amblin Television and executive producers Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank and Aaron Lubin.

Public Morals premieres Tuesday, August 25 at 10pm ET on TNT.

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