The Lost Boy Lost Its Thrill


After viewing the upcoming “thriller” The Lost Boy, I must say that I found little to no thrill in the film.

Virginia Madsen plays a predictably obsessed mother of a missing child, the rest of whose family has predictably moved on. Eleven years after her son disappears, a shady teenager, played by Matthew Fahey, shows up in town acting quite suspicious and stalker-y. He cleans himself up and seeks out the mother, claiming to be her long-lost son. The mother predictably believes him, and the rest of the family is predictably skeptical.

The dangerous-stranger-assumes-the-identity-of-the-missing-family-member trope is poorly used in this dull, lackluster movie. There is no sense of suspense, no sense of anticipation. Nothing builds, nothing escalates–it simply is. Neither the cinematography nor the score serve to evoke any true emotion in the viewer.

I wish I could say that there was at least one shining performance to save this movie, but sadly most of the acting was subpar at best. Virginia Madsen was adequate in the part she was given, but there didn’t seem to be much character to work with.

All in all, I would consider one out of five stars a generous review for this ill-conceived, poorly-written film.

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