Preview of The CW’s A Wicked Offer

The CW is about to get wicked.  No, the network isn’t airing the hit Broadway show.  Or turning evil like the characters on some of its genre shows.

A Wicked Offer is a summer show premiering August 5 on The CW.

A Wicked Offer is an unscripted reality show that asks the question, ‘What would you do for money?’ Couples are required to do things that are unscrupulous that could destroy their relationship should they accept the challenge.

It will be a case of when good people make bad choices, what are the ramifications?

Viewers may enjoy seeing people doing things that they know are wrong, but only time will tell whether A Wicked Offer becomes the network’s new Summer Guilty Pleasure and a hit for The CW.  

A Wicked Offer premieres Wednesday, August 5 at 9:00PM .

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