Poldark: Review of Episode 4


Episode 4 could have easily been titled “My Fair Demelza” as the episode focused on Demelza as Eliza Doolittle trying to learn to be a lady. Instead of Ross as her Henry Higgins, that role fell upon her new cousin Verity. The gentry Poldark and the former kitchen maid developed a bond as Verity schooled Demelza in the art of the curtsey and proper table setting.

When news of Ross Poldark’s below station marriage reaches proper English society, many rich tongues are wagging. Unfortunately for Ross, gossip is the least of his worries as financial backers begin to pull their funds from his business venture, doubting him because of his choice in a wife.  However, Ross seems more concerned for Demelza as he tries to help her adjust to life as Mrs. Ross Poldark by hiring Jinny Carter as her kitchen maid after Demelza has a physical altercation with Judd over pies. It’s time for Demelza to make her first appearance into society by way of the Poldark Christmas dinner at Trenwith.

The best part of the entire episode revolves around Demelza dealing with the gentry at the party. She has another surprise supporter in Elizabeth, her new husband’s ex-finacee. It’s more of a ‘keep your enemies’ close move for Elizabeth. Also, befriending Ross’ new wife makes her look good in his eyes. So, win win.

However, it is Demelza and her golden voice that mesmerizes those at the party, her husband included.  Demelza has already admitted her love for Ross to Verity, but is he beginning to feel the same for her too?

This episode was highly enjoyable as it allowed the story to center on Demelza. I’m eager to see more of her friendship with Verity, but especially want to see the moment when Ross admits his love for his wife.

Poldark continues Sundays at 9:00pm on Masterpiece on PBS.


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