MTV Scream Pilot: Who’s the Killer?

This past Tuesday, MTV debuted their newest series, Scream. Despite already having seen (and reviewed) the pilot, I still wanted to watch it live with everyone else. Following and tweeting along with the hashtag #MTVScream was a lot of fun. Everyone was really excited about the show and I saw more positive reactions than negative ones.

Even Scream’s OG Jaime Kennedy took to Twitter to share his approval.

While the original cast is pretty cool, I am already falling in love with the new one. They’re extremely active on Twitter and seem to do their best at keeping connected with their fans.

As a huge fan of slasher movies, I’m super excited we get to watch something like this every single week. The pilot was thrilling and mysterious, and of course left us with one big question which will outline the entire season. Who is the killer (or as we call him, Ghostface)?

Take your guesses here!

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