More Reasons to be a "Killjoy"

For a month now I’ve been doing everything wrong when it came to Killjoys. I tried to compare it Firefly and Farscape which, at the time, seemed appropriate. Now, I’ve gotten around to watching two more episodes (last week’s and last night’s) and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes, there are similarities. Yes, there are the memorable characters. But, Killjoys is so much more.

When a new sci-fi rolls around it’s all too easy for us to compare it to what’s come and gone without actually giving it time to come of its own. Killjoys never needed to come into its own. It always has been. It’s us that need to change. Sit down and watch an episode of Syfy’s newest series. Just watch it. Empty your mind and see the show for what it is – another work of pure character from Michelle Lovretta who helmed “Lost Girl”. If you don’t instantly pick one of the three Killjoys (or one of the supporting cast) as your favorite, then the show isn’t for you. I did the same with Firefly (Jewel Staite and Kaylee Frye for the win!) and I do the same for most series.

Killjoys gives us personality in space that’s been lacking. Defiance has the personality and original world in a terraformed Earth, but I’ve been dying to get back into outer space. Dark Matter is awesome, but it just doesn’t have the oomph that I want from a space-based series. Hannah, Aaron, and Luke are the best trio for the show and I’m glad I get a chance to watch this show blossom.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time going over the same words back and forth like a broken record. Just go watch Killjoys. You’re not going to regret it and, if you do, just put a warrant out on me.

Killjoys airs Friday’s at 9/8c on Syfy.

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