Magic Mike XXL Heats Up and Strips Down

Magic Mike XXL is now in theaters and are we extremely happy that it’s finally here. The Kings of Tampa are back, minus Dallas (who has run off and left this tight knit group of men), and they are ready to rock their final ride at the Stripper Convention in Myrtle Beach.

Even Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) joins back up with the guys, taking a break from his furniture business, and helps them break out of their old routines to bring some new life into their acts. And we sure do appreciate it.

Granted, this is the adult stripper version of Pitch Perfect (some singing included) as well as Elizabeth Banks running the show. However, to quote the movie, “Any god worth believing in sends you guys in thongs when you’re in need.” Trust me, we are very much in need. But no worries, we do it hot in the south!

First off, Channing Tatum can build my furniture any time and he is more than welcome to dance during that if he wants. Trust me ladies, you’ll be ordering a bedroom suite from him in seconds after this scene. Don’t believe me? I present this piece of evidence:

Despite going to see this film for the topless, dancing men you’ll enjoy the comedic moments just as much. From learning the best eyebrow trimming technique to the hilarious inner drag queen competition at Mad Mary’s, you’ll find yourself unable to catch your breath from laughing so hard. (I laughed so hard, I sent my popcorn flying into the row in front of me).

The best part of Magic Mike XXL is one well-defined Joe Manganiello. Some of the best scenes, stripping, and laughs come from Joe’s character, Big Dick Richie. The highlight of the film, besides the final dance number, is when Joe enters the gas station with the challenge of making one lucky lady smile. It was hilarious, sexy, and a success. Just listen for the Backstreet Boy’s “I Want It That Way” for this magical moment to start. “How much for the Cheetos and water?” Joe, you can have all the Cheetos and water you want with that performance. Just tell me where to send them.

It’s not all about stripping and collecting loose one dollar bills for the Kings of Tampa. This film is all about bros being bros and their bond through their business. Each character dreams of something more than being a male entertainer, with visions of their own businesses and products. They just struggle with the reality that their entertainment run is almost at an end. Everything will be okay for these men, after all they’ve endured the true test of friendship, seeing each other pee.

It’s not bro time, it’s show time. Be a queen and go see Magic Mike XXL in theaters now.

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