Jared Padalecki: Always Keep Fighting

As the younger brother to Jensen Ackles’ Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki has spent the last 10 years battling evil as Sam Winchester in The CW’s long running show Supernatural. This show has amassed a devoted fan base worldwide who root for the heroic Winchester duo to “carry on” despite fighting angels, demons, vampires and Lucifer himself. Season 10 ended in May with Sam and Dean literally covered by “the darkness”.

The heroic Sam Winchester has nothing on the more heroic Jared Padalecki, who has launched a campaign to fight Depression called Always Keep Fighting. This campaign has used compassion as its battle cry and has helped countless people who fight this illness know they are not alone.

In particular, Jared supports Attitudes in Reverse, a volunteer organization with the mission of “changing minds and saving lives” that promotes good mental health and educates on suicide prevention.

Today, July 19th is Jared Padalecki’s birthday.

On this day, we say Happy Birthday Jared and thank you for your courage and compassion.

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