iZombie Highlights from SDCC 2015!

As always, San Diego Comic Con was a whirlwind of activity that blasted fans everywhere with new images, interviews, and information from some of their favorite nerdy obsessions. Including iZombie.

Executive Producer Rob Thomas and series star Rose McIver (Liv Moore) quipped excitedly about not having to explain the premise of their show this year. Of course, in spite of not needing to use it, Thomas had his description down to a succinctly accurate phrase that he coined himself, calling iZombie a “ZomCom-RomCom.”

One favorite behind the scenes tidbit gleaned from the information that was shared had to do with how certain lines have become somewhat blurred between two of the actors and their characters. Rahul Kohli (Ravi), an avid gamer, and Robert Buckley (Major Lilywhite), a comic aficionado, have bonded off-set over their love of video games. This connection has helped facilitate a friendly rivalry between Ravi and Major. Thomas also noted that the on and off-set friendship helped solve a budget issue the show had since they couldn’t afford to have a set for both Major’s house and Ravi’s home. McIver even joked that it was the pair’s real house that they filmed in.

During his own panel, Joss Whedon, of Marvel and Buffy fame, was asked which panel he would have attended during Comic Con if he could have. Whedon grinned like a giddy fanboy and admitted that he would have gone to the iZombie panel so he could ask why they’re so awesome and wisecracked that he would have followed up by demanding why they weren’t looking at him. Having Joss Whedon’s stamp of approval on a show is always considered a good thing and this makes the second Rob Thomas project that Whedon has endorsed.

Finally, several fun images of the iZombie cast hanging out with the cast of The 100 have appeared on Twitter.  Take a look and tell us if you agree that a crossover between these two shows should happen somehow.

Malcolm Goodwin from iZombie with The 100‘s Lindsey Morgan   (Image from The 100 writer Kim Shumway’s Twitter account)

iZombie‘s Rahul Kohli with The 100‘s Bob Morley & Ricky Whittle  (Image from The 100 Brasil’s Twitter account)

iZombie‘s David Anders greeting The 100‘s Bob Morley with a hug  (Image from The 100 writer Kim Shumway’s Twitter account)


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