Interview with Supernatural cast at San Diego Comic Con



“Supernatural” is one of the CW’s longest running series. Going on their 11th season, the show follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, and their trials and tribulations with the Supernatural. Tackling lucifer, a demon named Crowley and God himself, there isn’t much these two haven’t seen. Season 11 is going to be as action packed as ever. It said to revolve around “the darkness” that was released at the end of Season 10 and the brother’s fight together to stop it.

Watch our San Diego Comic Con interviews with cast members and Executive Producers below.

Jensen Ackles:

Directing and Season 11 of Supernatural
In a roundtable at SDCC Jensen Ackles responded to questions about the upcoming season of Supernatural. He states that the brothers aren’t fighting with each other as much this season and while it’s obviously not the same as season one, it does touch on the roots a bit. He finds it difficult to switch back and forth from the role of being a director and actor but says that it has gotten a bit easier. While he does love acting and directing, he states that “acting will always be his first love”.

Jared Padalecki:
Season 10’s Emotional Ending and Season 11
Jared states that he’s very excited for this season to be able to see the boys working together again. Since the darkness predates heaven and hell and pretty much anything else they have dealt with before, he thinks that it will be interesting to tackle. He states that he cried while reading the script for the finale, something that also happened when he read the script of the episode where Bobby dies. He touches about the importance of Supernatural shows and jokes about having his wife Gen play “the darkness”.

Mark Sheppard

Fandom’s and the upcoming Season 11 of Supernatural

In a roundtable interview at SDCC Mark Sheppard (Crowley) responded to questions in regards to his character and the fandom. He was sure to not leak any spoilers keeping mostly quiet about the storyline between Dean and Crowley in season 11 “It’s not over until I say it’s over”. He says that he loves interacting with the fans and he believes that he has a huge mistrust of people who aren’t fans of something. He touches on the storyline with Crowley and his mother last season and says that he would one day like to direct an episode of Supernatural since he already has some other projects under his belt.

Executive Producer Andrew Dabb:

The Darkness in Season 11
Andrew Dabb discussed the darkness that was released at the end of season 10 and it’s power over season 11. Take notice that he says “she” while talking about this so this may be a hint that our “big bad” in season 11 is going to be a badass female. He states “Our bad guys always work best with us when they wear a human face:” He also discusses spinoffs briefly stating that they would love to do a spinoff someday.

Executive Producer Jeremy Carver:
Supernatural and his Three-Year Plan
 Jeremy Carver sat and talked in a roundtable interview at SDCC about the Winchesters and what’s coming up on Supernatural. He tackles the issue that maybe the boys have too much on their shoulders. He states that sometimes they have to take a step back and see if what they’re doing is for “the greater good” or for their own well being. Carver says that originally “the darkness” wasn’t part of his original “three year plan” causing the plan to still be in motion, just extended.


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