Halt and Catch Fire: The Times They are A Changing

Halt and Catch Fire is moving briskly through its second season, and it is a show in transition. Which actually makes sense, considering its a show about the technology, and the computer revolution, and its rapid change. Its even in the very name of the show. Last season, this was a show that was struggling to make its own name, to distinguish itself from the many prestige dramas about change, and about the “difficult men” that have changed the landscape of TV.

During the second season, things changed a lot. While the first season was mostly about Joe and Gordon, two VERY difficult men, the second season is about two difficult women, Cameron, the young tech punk, and Donna, the hard working, quietly brilliant mom. The second season focuses increasingly on the dynamics between these two women, and their new company, while not abandoning Joe and Gordon and their relationship.

The second season is also vastly superior to the first, with its stylish musical choices, its multiple stories and cinematographic choices, plus its just become a lot more fun.

This season stands as an example of a show admitting what didn’t work, getting rid of it or retooling it, and expanding on what did. I just want to say kudos to this show. A big fat kudos for taking a decent show, and helping it to catch fire.

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