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unnamed-1Today I chatted with Thomas Barbusca about his upcoming new Netflix series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” premiering July 31st! He has also guest starred on Nickelodeon’s The Thunderman’s, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, NBC’s The New Normal and FX’s Anger Management.

Read my interview with him, below!

How did you get into acting?

“Well my sister kind of brought it on to me, she booked a series and she kind of inspired me to do it. So I wanted to get into it and I did.”

What’s been your favorite role so far?

“I mean, I loved every single role I’ve done. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Wet Hot American Summer. My character’s name is Drew and it’s the prequel to the original series so everybody is back like Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler.  Drew is a new camper and he causes a lot of trouble [laughs]!”

How did it feel being on a show with actors such as Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd?

“It’s really exciting! It’s really fun and I love it. They always give tips and tricks for the scenes and stuff. I really enjoy it.”

Will you be guest starring on The Thunderman’s again, anytime soon?

“I don’t think so. Maybe. I hope so!”

You recently got verified on Twitter, congrats! How did that feel like?

“It feels awesome! I feel real now [laughs], now that I’m verified! I feel like a real man now!”

If you could guest star on any of your favorite TV show, what TV show would it be?

“I’d say The Walking Dead!”

Is it hard balancing school with acting?

“Yeah, it’s pretty hard. I always get it done though, in some way. But, it’s pretty hard sometimes.”

When school’s in session, do you go to school or do you have a tutor?

“I just did my first year of home school, actually. But, usually I try and go to school when I’ve finished auditions.”

What do your friend’s think of your career so far?

“They’re very supportive. They’re really supportive about it! They’re always tweeting and DMing and stuff.”

Can you give a little teaser about Wet Hot American Summer since it’s premiering in 10 days?

“I’m kind of a bully and like I said, I’m a troublemaker. I’m a new camper.”

Who were some of your favorite people to work with on the set?

“Paul Rudd! He’s really fun and he’s probably the most fun on set. Also, my friends, I’ve made a lot of friends on that show and they were a really fun part of that. It’s was like going to camp!”

It felt real in a way?


Any funny stories on the set?

“Everybody was wearing wigs cause it’s supposed to be the first day camp, unlike the movie which was the last day of camp. So, they’re all wearing wigs and they’re all supposed to be way younger, but they look 40 pounds older [laughs].”

Any advice for anyone who wants to get into acting?

“Work hard, you know. Stay in school! Do classes and play and stuff like that!”


Follow Thomas Barbusca on Twitter: @ThomasBarbusca

Tune into Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, premiering on July 31st only on Netflix!








  1. Awesome young actor with a great career in front of him! Love it “40 ibs older” that’s how I feel! Lol

  2. Awesome young actor with a great career in front of him! Love it “40 ibs older” that’s how I feel! Lol

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