Exclusive Interview with Teen Wolf’s Cody Saintgnue


Photo Credit: Dana Patrick
Photo Credit: Dana Patrick

Cody Saintgnue plays werewolf Brett Talbot on one of MTV’s most popular shows, Teen Wolf. Starting out as a one episode character and working his way up to a reoccurring role, Cody has become a bit of a fan favorite amongst the ever growing Teen Wolf fandom. I got a chance to talk with Cody about his life and Brett’s. Check out what he had to say bellow!

 I just watched the interview you did on Fox yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was really important that you addressed Brett’s bisexuality because a lot of times bisexuals are erased in the media.

 “It is pretty cool to be able to play a part like that. Especially if it makes a difference to someone out there.”

Also the bit about your childhood and growing up in foster homes was really touching. You seem to have a pretty large following, have you gotten a chance to reach out to people who are maybe in the same situation you were in before?

“Yeah actually! When I attended the Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation charity event I spoke to a lot of teens who were either in foster care or who had been adopted, That was really nice. I’m actually going to be reaching out to some people today to set up something else!”

How did the role of Brett open up to you? What was the audition process like?

“I just booked an audition! I went in there and I auditioned for a different part and I wasn’t right for it. Then they brought me back in and I got Brett!”

 Coming onto Teen Wolf, did you expect Brett to have such a big role? Do you like that he’s more involved now?

“Originally, Brett was only supposed to be on one episode, but then they went ahead and added more. I love being more involved this season with Liam and Mason.”

On the subject of Mason and Liam. Do you think Brett and Liam have kind of squashed their beef that they had with each other last season or does this just create a conflict between Mason and Liam?

” I definitely think there’s always that threat of you know Liam and Brett’s “friendship”. I guess you could say our amendments are still very fresh. I do think that there will be some borderline tension possibly in the future.  For now, I do think that they definitely have each other’s backs. I think that down the line, Liam could possibly get jealous of the whole new friendship between Mason and Brett.

 What’s it been like working more with Khylin [Rhambo] and Dylan [Sprayberry]?

“It’s really cool, they’re both awesome. Every body really likes to be there [on set] and so that makes it a lot of fun. Everyone is so talented and down to earth! It’s just a ball to get to work with that [laughs].

Are there any characters that you would like to play that are different than Brett?

“I would love to play maybe Brett as an alpha. I think it would be really cool to play an alpha character. A very powerful, almost dark character. I don’t really want him to be evil but I want him to have like that alpha vibe.

I want Brett to be an unpredictable alpha. He’s an alpha and he doesn’t really seek people out but he will do what he has to. Like Scott will always take the higher road, but not every one can do that.”

Do you think Brett would ever transfer out of Devenford Prep to Beacon Hills High School? To stay in the loop with everyone?

 “You know, I don’t know how much supernatural stuff is going on over at Devenford Prep and I would imagine Brett would probably have a lot more fun at BHHS. [Laughs]. They’re a little more known for like odd stuff, I guess.”

Do you like to bring in pieces of yourself into the characters that you play?

“For me personally when I act, I always try to give a piece of my heart and add a little bit of myself in every performance to make it special. Every role I take on you’ll see a little bit of Cody. I think it makes the performance special and more personal in a way.”

Are we going to see a lot of Brett as a werewolf this season in the whole getup?

“Actually I’m not allowed to say! I’m not saying yes, I’m not saying no! [Laughs].”

I’ve seen you on Twitter doing a lot with the fans. You do FanFriday’s and try to respond to as many people as you can. I know Teen Wolf fans are dedicated, what’s it like interacting with such a huge fan base?

“It’s really fun! I love to give time back because fans are always doing something like making things! I like to set time aside to let them know that I hear them and see them. I woke up the other day after an interview and I was like randomly trending in France I think. I hadn’t even tweeted anything specific to them. It was crazy and very surreal.”

Do you get recognized a lot when you go out?

“I actually got recognized a lot more before I cut my hair! My haircut was very distinctive I guess. [Laughs]. But, I still get recognized sometimes and it’s always nice.”

I’ve seen you in some of Todrick Hall’s videos. Do you think you’re going to work with him in the future?

“As of right now I’m not sure, but he’s like a very good friend of mine. If I’m free and he’s free, I’m always willing to help him out with anything. I mean he is so talented. Not many people inspire me the way he does.”

Now that you have some time off have you been catching up on any TV shows or movies? Do you have any projects lined up?

 “Yeah actually! I will be working on a film in Wales, and I’m pretty excited about that.

 I have not been watching ANY TV at all actually, but one movie I’m really looking forward to seeing is Southpaw. It looks great.”

What’s been your favorite scene to film so far?

“The fight scene with the scorpion in the club, that was really cool. Last year when we filmed the scene at the park in the rain it was freezing cold, so that’s probably my least favorite. It was in the middle of the night and it was freezing cold. It was two days of it. My legs were like completely shot because it was so muddy and then my shoes wouldn’t dry. It was like adding on five pounds. I’m running for eight hours straight and my legs were SO DEAD that by the time I was done I like couldn’t even walk. [Laughs]. When you watch it back, you barely even see any of it!”

What has been your favorite part about working on Teen Wolf so far?

“My favorite part is probably being a werewolf [laughs]. No, I love working with Jeff Davis! I love working with him. He’s incredibly talented.

I also just love entertaining people, and getting to do what an actor does. The fans are awesome fans to have; they’re so passionate it’s really cool to be able to do something that people enjoy.”



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