Exclusive Interview with Stichers’ Cameron Britton


Cameron Britton is currently playing Tim on ABC Family’s hit new series Stitchers! Cameron’s also starred as Chet in Camp Takota and Mick in Day Out Of Days. Read our interview with Cameron below, and be sure to follow Cameron on Twitter, and “like” him on Facebook.

Congratulations on the season two renewal.

“Oh, I know. Thank you.”

Are you doing anything exciting tonight to celebrate?

“Watching Stitchers and live tweeting the episode. Other than that, I’m going to have a drink or two. I’m pretty excited.”

What has been your favorite episode to live Tweet?

“I think this show really started kicking off during episode 5. When they brought in Oded Fehr as Les Turner. I just love when we find someone to all root against. Maybe we’ll find out there’s more going on with Stitches than meets the eye.”

Do you have a background in science at all, or is this all new to you?

“This has all been pretty new. Because of my size and hairiness and general attitude, I play a lot of engineers, crewman workers, techies, roadies or things like that. I’m pretty terrible with computers, adults, and cars. I’m mostly an indoor guy. However, I do love camping [laughs].”

What has been the hardest science word for you to say while on Stitchers?

“The hardest word that I’ve had to say on Stitchers? Fortunately most of my lines have been pretty snarky one-liners. I do love Kyle Harris and my character has to glare at him a lot. That was a little difficult because Kyle’s always trying to make you laugh. It’s kind of weird to glare at him. I haven’t had a lot of techie lines though.”

Even coming up in the future episodes that we haven’t seen yet?

“In the future episodes, Tim is mostly getting in the way and bugging people and doing his actual job. He’s more of the grumpy muscle than much of a talker. I don’t know how often he likes to use big words because they take too much time for him [laughs].”

What do you hope happens for Tim in season 2?

“What I’d love to see happen for Tim, as well as everybody in the cast, is more growth. Like any show, you want to see that community grow and you want to see the relationships get more complex and tighter. I would love, of course if Tim got to go on one of the cases, and maybe punch somebody. It’s such an exciting show. Kyle got to dive away from an exploding food truck. I don’t know how good I’d be at diving, but they could Photoshop me sort of falling forward [laughs]. That’d be fun.”

We talked to Lynne who wrote that episode that you’re talking about. She said that the writers have to know a lot of the mystery in advance, to put it into each episode and to lead up to where the finale’s going. As an actor, how much of the mystery do you already know and how much are you learning as we, the fans, are learning it?

“I do my best to keep myself completely in the dark. I like to watch the show like a fan would. For the most part, I try to only read the parts of the script that pertain to me and my character. When plot twists and stuff has happened, I’m usually just as shocked. It’s just more fun to be a fan of the show as well as be on it. It’s really, really special.”

What was your Stitchers audition process like?

“The audition process was about as simple as it’s gotten for me as far as auditions go. Sometimes I audition and they either don’t explain enough or they explain too much. Stitchers, in their case, was pretty straightforward and specific. Basically  for a lot of the techie crew members, they just compiled a bunch of lines together to see how good we were at working with science jargon and things like that. 

I was actually pretty fortunate. I went into the audition thinking, since this is a really high tech lab that there might be a lot of above-head monitors, and that I’m working on an iPad and working with the monitors. That just so happened to be exactly what they do in the show. I think they felt like me, a big hairy guy, got a feel for what we’re doing already. That obviously was good. 

I think Sola Bamis, as well, was part of the original pilot group (with Emma and Kyle). She plays the medical doctor that looks at Kirsten’s  vitals and makes sure Kirsten’s safe while in stitch mode.”

We know you tweeted about this, but since your name is Cameron and Kyle plays Cameron, does that ever get super confusing? Do you ever not know who they’re talking to?

“It’s always been awful on sets because of the word camera and Cameron. I’ve always turned my head. Now, having a character named Cameron, I am always confused. 

What’s funnier is that people on set, like directors and things, are the most confused. On set it’s never really structured if you should call people by their character name or by their real name. 

They’ll turn to me and they’ll say Cameron, I mean Tim, I mean Kyle, Cameron, they’ll just stumble over it. I think it was one of the directors of photography who thought of just calling me Big Cameron. That seemed to simplify things a lot. People just refer to me as Big Cameron.

I like Tim. I like the name. I’ve had my name Cameron for 29 years. Sometimes I get bored with it. I don’t mind having a new name.”

Do you have a favorite episode of the season that is either aired or that you guys have filmed?

“Episode 8. Episode 7 is tonight and there’s some really funny stuff going on that unfolds. Emma Ishta’s, or Kirsten’s boyfriend is in this episode so there’s a new wrinkle and he’s a really cool guy, played by Jack Turner. 

Episode 8 is really unique and it stops everything.  It goes down its own course for the one episode and it’s really intense in a lot of ways. There’s a lot of emotion in it. I don’t want to give too much away. 

I believe it’s the creator Jeff Schechter’s favorite episode too, since he wrote it.”

Speaking of being a fan of the show, do you have a favorite character? You can’t say Tim.

“I can’t say Tim. I love everybody. I think the style of comedy that Allison Scagliotti does on and off the camera is amazing to me. She’s so dry. She’s always so confident and fearless. She just kills me. 

I also like the way she dresses, I like the way she’s so into her clothing and says whatever she thinks all the time as far as her character, Camille, goes. She’d be my favorite if I had to pick one.”

If you had to stitch into one of your Stitchers costars’ brain, who would you choose? The actor.

“I kind of would want to go into Kyle’s because I think there’s just a lot of show tunes in there. I think there’d be a lot of singing show tunes. I’d be a little scared to go into Salli’s brain. Yeah. Let’s go with Kyle.”

We know that you’re having a Halloween special, so what’s your favorite Halloween movie?

“My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. Every time I watch scary movies, I can’t sleep for the next couple weeks. It’s just been that way since I was a little kid. Sometimes I think I’m brave enough, and I enjoy the movie while watching it, but then during the next couple weeks, I won’t sleep. I usually don’t watch scary movies. Ever since I was a kid, I loved Hocus Pocus, though.”


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