DK MIDAS: Lyrical Gold

In Ransom, DK MIDAS uses a pop-rap vocal style, singing about AKs and growing up in the projects, yet the music still sucks you in and paints a vivid picture of the life they sing about. You can picture yourself in the projects, living the life of lighting up and shooting back, carrying wads of cash in your pocket for the next score.

Good 2 U begins soft and sultry, seducing you with promises of tearing down the walls and being good to you. The lyrics get more … suggestive from there, but you’re so smitten you don’t even mind. You like it. A lot.

DK MIDAS definitely has the golden touch with their single Kings and Gold. Smooth, mesmerizing vocals combined with liquid electric beats to create a sensory experience that extends beyond mere sound. Close your eyes and see the falling stars. Feel “your skin on my skin.” This track transcends reality and takes you to “a city of kings and gold/fighting for the crown.”

DK MIDAS says to “let the world decide,” and I think the world will decide that DK MIDAS is here to stay.

Check out DK MIDAS’ soundcloud here:

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