Defiance – Episode 305 Recap

Last night’s episode was more than appropriate for anyone adhering to Flashback Friday and this included Nolan and Irisa who took a comatose stroll down memory lane after collapsing and convulsing at the end of last week’s episode.
Turns out that the two have arktech stuck in their brains that makes them interdependent on each other for survival. Nolan strays too far from Irisa or vice versa and hello epileptic seizure followed by almost certain death. As Doc Yewell struggles to perform dual surgery utilizing Omec tech, Nolan and Irisa begin to relive some very vivid memories from their past that neither had ever shared. This leads to moments of clarity for each as well as moments of absolute disgust or surprise. Whether Lil Irisa is trying to kill Nolan or Nolan is cursing the aliens in front of her and teaching her to murder cold-heartedly, the episode takes some dark turns.  With each dark turn, of course, there are lighter ones. The new vet in town makes for some dark humor when they share with him that Doc Yewell was flayed by Amanda and Nolan and he’s not quite sure if they’re serious. In addition, there’s just Doc Yewell’s dry sarcasm in general. “Have a lollipop and get out.”
In the present we have the ever wonderful Tarr parents who argue over Stahma sleeping with T’evghin (who shuts down all Stahma’s advances at one point as she tries to manipulate him) while Grandpa Datak babysits (best babysitter ever) and occasionally ventures very near to putting a bullet through T’evgin. Meanwhile, Alak is chopping woo…. Not wood. Definitely not wood. Finding a knife on one of the bodies leads Alak to enact a daring escape where he fends off Rahm’s guards and, at one point, Rahm himself for a brief moment. Alak hijacks a roller and flees back to Defiance where he ends the episode by confronting Mama Stahma, blade to neck, about Christie’s death.

While we were teased briefly with the thought of Irisa leaving, we were blessed enough to find out that she’s not – much to her chagrin – thanks to the arktech in her and Nolan. The episode was a welcome addition to the season and one of my favorite so far. With amazing FX for the Omec tech and Alak’s escape and subsequent confrontation of Stahma (definitely the highlights of the episode), Defiance continues to outdo itself this season, refusing to pull any punches. Finally there were the references to Little Shop of Horrors, Taylor Swift, and Johnny Cash that made the episode just that much better. Also, Nolan’s sister was a badass who practically raised Lil Josh.

So much to watch and talk about with so little time. Check out Defiance for yourselves every Friday at 8/7c on Syfy.

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