Beauty and the Beast: Shotgun Wedding Review

Catherine Chandler and Vincent Keller’s big day finally arrived on Beauty and the Beast and Best man JT and  Co-maids of Honor, Heather and Tess work hard to make sure that the wedding goes off without a hitch.

Easier said than done. When super human prisoner Julianna escapes from police custody, the groom enlists JT, Tess and Heather’s help to keep the news from Catherine.  Unfortunately, Catherine discovers the truth so the last thing on her mind becomes her wedding day.

The poignant scene in the episode involve Vincent explaining to his bride why he wanted the wedding for her. Being a chemically enhanced beast doesn’t stop Vincent from being a hopeless romantic.

Then we have JT, fresh from his break up with Tess trying to stay happy and upbeat for his friends. Heather, however, thinks Vincent jinxed the wedding by giving Catherine a kiss during the wedding rehearsal.

Catherine and Vincent do make it to the altar, but before they can exchange ‘I dos’, Liam, probably the most dangerous superhuman they’ve ever faced, interrupts the ceremony. He leaves the chapel in ruins and Vincent bloody and battered.

Kudos to actor Jason Gedrick for a chillingly terrifying portrayal of the character.

Beauty and the Beast fans are disappointed again as Vincent and Catherine remain unmarried at the episode’s conclusion.

However, the entire episode incorporated everything fans have come to love about the show: humor, action, danger and above all, romance.

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