5 Reasons to Watch TV Land’s "Impastor"

Despite the super on-the-nose title, TV Land’s “Impastor” is actually not bad. The half-hour comedy tells the story of lowlife Buddy Dobbs (Michael Rosenbaum), who, as a way to evade some loan sharks, skips town and dupes a small Lutheran community into believing he’s their new pastor.

Although basing a show on the idea of a stolen identity is about as original as the “it was all a dream” ending, the first episode still entertained me and sparked my interest. Here is why it’s worth a watch:

  1. Because it’s got some awesome dark humor

The way Buddy meets the pastor he ends up posing as is…well, you’ll see, but it involves a bridge and a messy suicide attempt.

  1. Because it shows TV Land is more than just reruns

“Impastor”, along with ” The Jim Gaffigan Show” and a couple others, are proof that there are actual employees writing shows there rather than just a bunch of robots pushing the “play” and “stop” buttons for “Bonanza” and “Everybody Loves Raymond”.


  1. Because it’s nice to see Michael Rosenbaum playing the hero instead of a villain… well, kind of

He is mostly known for playing Lex Luthor in “Smallville”, but here Rosenbaum’s character, although still maintaining some villainous traits, is overshadowed by no one. And he’s great!


  1. Because of the following exchange:

Concerned mother: I found this in his room. I think it’s marijuana.

Buddy (as pastor): (looking at weed) High quality too.

Concerned mother: How do you know that?

Buddy: Uh…missionary work in Jamaica.

5.  Because it makes fun of religion

And isn’t that always entertaining?

“Impastor” premieres July 15th on TV Land.

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