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Ship Wars: Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf came roaring back for Season 5 this week with a two-night premiere!

We all have our feels for Stiles Stilinski! He’s just too beautiful, and smart, and sweet, and funny…You get the point.

So now YOU pick who you think Stiles is supposed to be with?

His long time crush, Lydia? Who never seemed to be interested in him at all, but they have such great chemistry working together! OR…

Malia Tate, the newbie werecoyote of the group that is currently with Stiles? I mean, they are cute together not gonna lie.

*Don’t miss all new episodes of Teen Wolf airing this summer, Mondays at 10pm only on MTV!

Vote for your team now! Team Stydia? Or Team Stalia?

Written by Shadia Omer

Shadia is a total nerd and a lover of all things pop culture. She watches way too much TV for her own good. She has a passion for writing about entertainment and when she's not writing or trying to figure out her plans in life, you can find her on twitter talking about her faves, one tweet at a time at @shadiawrites.

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