The Best Scene from Hannibal Season 3 Episode 2: Primavera

First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way; Will Graham is back ladies and gentlemen! This episode begins with a flashback to the season finale. Hannibal stabs Will (which we’ve already seen) and delivers a line about a teacup shattering which comes to represent Will. “Time did reverse, the teacup that I shattered dared to come together”. In the next scene we see a teacup shattering, and upon closer look when it gets put back together again the fragments make up Will’s body in the hospital. Signifying, what I assume is meant to represent Will being whole once again.

On the subject of Will being himself again, I bring to you my favorite moment from Episode 2: Primavera:

Will back in his element…and then not. While standing in the church staring down another gruesome murder, which features a dismembered body in the shape of a human heart dangling in the middle of the church, Will get’s into the brain of Hannibal just as he used to. He touches a delicate hand to the figure and whispers his signature “this is my design”. He then details how this killing happened, all from the mindset of Hannibal. “I skinned you, bent you, twisted you and trimmed you”, this accompanied with graphic close ups of what looks like the inside of the human body being picked apart as described. While it may be gruesome, there’s something about this that is completely mesmerizing.

The sequence ends when the figure begins to unfold itself and transform into the moose figure we have seen haunt Will many times before. This implies that maybe Will isn’t as well put together as we thought before. He is in the same, if not a worse, mindset than before. This along with other sequences left me feeling extremely satisfied at the end of the episode.

What was your favorite scene from this episode? Leave a comment below!


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