The Best and Worst of "Orange Is The New Black" Season 3

By now you’ve probably had enough time to binge on the new season of Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” (if you haven’t, get with the program, girl/dude). There were some surprising developments, lots of heartbreaking moments, a heartwarming finale (well, not for everyone), a love triangle, lots of new backstories and more acid humor. It’s been a great ride as always, but, of course, not everything was perfect. Here is my honest take on season 3, the best and the worst (obviously, contains SPOILERS!):


1. Norma’s Storyline
I was very curious about her backstory and I really liked the direction the show took with it. Norma always seemed like a peaceful and wise character who knew more than us “mere mortals”. Her backstory highlighted her spirituality and her loyalty, and the cult following she acquired in prison catapulted her to Litchfield stardom. Her storyline involved Poussey, Leanne and Soso in a meaningful way and showed how a cult devoted to kindness can quickly get ugly due to fanatics (while still being funny, of course).

2. Crazy Eyes getting a girlfriend

One of the most well-deserved and sweet things to ever happen in the show was Crazy Eyes finally finding her other half. Maureen is a book-loving, super awkward, shy inmate who is evidently perfect for her. Not to mention that the subplot with Crazy Eyes writing an erotic space saga and developing an annoying fandom was f-king hilarious.

3. Pennsatucky

Pennsatucky has always been one of the most compelling characters on the show, for better or worse. However, while in the past two seasons, especially the first, she was way more extreme and hard to relate to, in season 3 she became simply human. Her friendship with Big Boo showed that she definitely changed and replaced religious fanaticism and bullying with a troubled but sweet personality. Her episode, showing a past filled with terrible parenting and abusive men, is probably the most heartbreaking one in the season.

Honorable mention: Lorna’s wedding (adorable!)


1. Nikki’s exit

Netflix has refused to comment on whether Natasha Lyonne is not coming back due to Nikki being sent to max in season 3, but I hope to God she does! Nikki is sharp, funny, tragic, outrageous and imperfect – all the elements of a perfect OITNB character. If she is indeed gone, she’ll leave a big hole.

2. Piper’s personality

Agree with me or not, I did not like Piper’s journey this season. Not that there is anything wrong with being a cold ambitious bitch when you live at a place like Litchfield, but I didn’t find Piper’s transformation believable. It seemed like she suddenly went from who she had always been – tame, spoiled, afraid – to a ruthless businesswoman who was willing to break all the rules and betray everyone. More than anything, I thought her storyline lacked real emotion this season (and they even managed to make her relationship with Alex boring after a few episodes).

3. Stella Carlin and Piper

Yes, Ruby Rose is beautiful. Yes, most straight women in the world would probably date her and yes, we
got to see her naked. However, her character and her relationship with Piper were  pretty tame, especially considering the gorgeous badass actress she is. Seriously, Piper and Stella don’t do more than kiss? And Alex doesn’t even care when she finds out? I was expecting a way more adventurous relationship between these two, and a way more outrageous character from Rose. This is one area where the show could have given us a lot more.

Dishonorable mention: Bennet’s disappearance (what the hell happened there?)

Agree? Disagree?

Think I don’t know what I’m talking about? Shoot me a message on Twitter @barbarasoares89!

And here’s to another year of watching lesser shows while we wait for our favorite prison dramedy to return!

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