Ship Wars: Shadowhunters

Every week we learn more and more about ABC Family’s promising new series “Shadowhunters”. The anticipation is KILLING us. Sadly, we do have to wait until 2016 to see the actual show. We’ve never wanted to fast forward a full year so much in our entire lives!

For those who are unaware (we know it’s not many), “Shadowhunters” is actually based on Cassandra Clare’s hit YA series “The Mortal Instruments”.  TMI was a hit for many reasons, one of them being the in-depth characters Clare brought to life on the page.

We’ve never felt so attached to fictional beings in OUR LIFE, and we’ve never cared more about fictional relationships.

So without further ado, welcome to Ship Wars! Instead of just giving you one ship to vote on, we’re giving you choices! You may like them all, but you can only vote for ONE.

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