Re-Live 7 Days in Hell with Kit Harrington and Andy Sandberg!


In 2001, two arch rivals, Aaron Williams and Charles Poole, met for the longest and greatest match of all time.

HBO’s special presentation of “7 Days in Hell” stars Andy Sandberg (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Saturday Night Live”) and “Game of Thrones” Kit Harrington as the two tennis icons. The special premieres on Sat., July 11th from 10 to 10:45 pm.

Also appearing in the special are tennis greats John McEnroe, Serena Williams and Chris Evert.

There are also appearances by Jim Lampley, Howie Mandel and Mary Steenburgen.

Prior to its début on the main HBO channel, “7 Days in Hell” will be available on HBO NOW and HBO GO, starting July 8.

Check out the trailer!



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