Poldark: Review of Episode 2

The sweeping saga of Ross Poldark continues in Episode 2 of Poldark which aired  June 28 on PBS.  When last we met the dashing Captain Poldark, he had just returned home from being injured in the Revolutionary War. He found his home and business in ruins and the love of his life engaged to his cousin.

Episode 2 of Poldark contained a mixture of business intrigue and family drama to keep the viewer glued to the tv. Although we saw Ross focusing on getting financing for his failing mine Wheal Leisure, the primary focus of the episode was on his cousin Verity and her attempt to find love. Unfortunately, she chooses a man deemed unsuitable by her family due to his involvement in a scandal in which his wife was killed.  In the events that follow it looks like Verity denied her own happiness and remained the dutiful daughter.

In another segment, we see Demelza settling in as a Nampara house servant with her hard work being rewarded with a glimpse of Ross bathing in the stream (actually more of a reward for the viewers).

The actors in Poldark  continue to show why this series is beloved by foreign audiences.  And in America, our love affair is growing with each episode.


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