'Mercy' or Not?

mercy1If you are an avid fan of The Walking Dead as I am then you quickly realize the lead role in Mercy, George, is our one and only Carl Grimes. As you realize this you also see the dreamy Josh McDermott . The premise of the movie is a family consisting of a mother and her two teenage sons move into their ailing grandmothers house. Mercy is based on the short story by, Steven King, “Gamma”.

Grandma comes home from the hospital after a severe stroke. As they adjust to life with “new” grandma it becomes clear they got more than they bargained for. Something more sinister is lurking behind the corners of the old farmhouse. After George’s uncle tells him of his grandma’s past he really tries to bond with her. The local priest assists on piecing together the puzzles of the past. The brothers discover a book and set into action a series of events that can not be undone

While I found some moments a bit tense or uncomfortable, most of the movie fell into the lull of new age horror. It didn’t make me sit on the edge of my seat or grab me by the seat of my pants. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. My views on horror now days are rather jaded, and it will take a movie a lot scarier than this to get me.

View the trailer for Mercy below, and let me know if it seems scary to you!


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